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AMT Group specialized in providing Low Current Security Solutions, Automation Solutions, Fire Protection . We represent some of the best manufacturers in this industry and we pride ourselves for being a company that offers not only designs and installation but after sales maintenance and technical support as well. 

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Service we provide

AMT Groupis a resource for any facility in need of a Protection
Consultancy. Our professional engineers will analyze your facility to
determine potential threats and recommend solutions to help ensure that
the integrity of your protection is not compromised.

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AMT Group maintains a fully staffed Engineering department with multiple
degreed Engineers most of who are certified professional engineers with
over 10 years of experience. From innovative products to designing,
installing, maintaining and operating complete protection systems.

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Project Management  

With over 16 years of combined experience, the AMT Groupproject
management team has the knowledge and experience to handle any
protection need. From oversight to installation, our team will manage your
project from start to finish.

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Our maintenance keeps your facility’s protection products operating at
peek performance for years to come. We back up all of our innovative
products with warranties that provide our clients with peace of mind, in
addition, we can provide maintenance on existing equipment.

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Having personnel respond quickly and appropriately is vital when your facility
is threatened. We provide extensive training to help ensure your personnel
are prepared to respond to any security threat. We work with clients to design
the training module(s) to support the needs of appropriate personnel.

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Low Current Security  

AMT Groupis the leading low current systems integrator in the Region,
providing its selective clientele with exceptional value added services in
Low Current solutions.

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Save labors time, energy & materials. Improve quality, accuracy, & precision
through using of various control systems for operating equipment, called

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Fire Protection  

Having fire protection knowledge we can offer a hazard (pre-fire) & causative
(post-fire) analysis in fire protection field by surveying construction or operating

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Digital Transformation  

We have developed the IT of leading companies in different business sectors.
Our strength comes from offering best-of-breed products from world leading

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AMT Grouphas a history of doing all we can to ensure the very best utilization
of the products we represent. We are proud of our long-term relationships
with our suppliers such as Motorola Solutions and others all leaders in the
wireless industry.

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Secure Identity  

The democratization of technology demands enhanced security in the virtual
world. AMT Groupdevelop state-of-the-art digital security solutions catering
to businesses, governments and individuals.

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Cyber Security  

AMT Groupis a specialist in cyber security. Our mission is to protect
governments, military, organizations and critical national infrastruc-ture
from cyber threats.

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